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Transparent Pricing

$88 per month for 1000 guests. That's less than 10 cents per happy guest. 
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No credit card required.  First 100 guests are free.
Custom SMS messages to guests
Optional pre-screening waivers
Manage from any device
Easy to use software
Access to public portal
Contact tracing logs
Disorganized walk-ins
Last Minute Cancellations
Pen & Paper
Guests Leaving Long lines
Bored customers
Crowded Waiting Room
$1000's in time and lost revenue

The most accessible waitlist

Kiosk, Tablet or Television
Any smartphone
SMS-Only Mode
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Quick FAQ

What features am I missing with a free Next In Line account?
None! You get access to all of our features immediately when you sign up with Next In Line. By upgrading to a premium plan you’ll be able to waitlist up to 1000 more customers per month. After that, waitlisted customers will only cost 10 cents.
Why do you only offer one pricing plan?
We strive to make Next In Line an easy to use and transparent waitlist program. We’d hate to prevent any of our users from accessing our features by putting them behind a paywall like our competitors. That’s why both free and premium users can access all of our features right off the bat. If you’re enjoying your time with Next In Line, the premium plan is available for long term commitments.
Are you planning to implement any more features?
Definitely. We plan to integrate an analytics system that will report weekly performance updates based on your waitlist activity. We also plan to implement review requests that can be sent to customers after they are taken off the waitlist, generating more reviews for that business.

New tools to run your business 

Here, when you need it
Busy? Turn on the waitlist. Toggle it off during slow times.
On all screens
Screen & Device Agnostic
Access your waitlist from any browser, on any device.
Boss mode
Boss mode
Manage your waitlist just with SMS, no wi-fi required.
Send the right message
Send the right message
Save time with automatic message and pre-screening questionnaires.
Send waitlisted customers to your landing pages, menus, etc.
Keep track
Keep track
Built-in counters let you know whether you’re at capacity.

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Your first 100 waitlisted guests are free.
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